Carol Ann wrote:

Thanks Corey Spector! I had a great time at El Saguarito,  singing, laughing and aving a great dinner! Special thanks to Corey for singing all the songs that make me smile!


Venue Manager:

My patrons were talking about your performance for days after.


Rosemary Emailed (Private Party):

We were so glad you were part of our get-together with our out of town friends. Thank you for playing songs we loved, taking requests, and interacting perfectly with our crazy group.  Everyone enjoyed not just your talented singing, but you, and the enthusiasm you brought to the party. It is obvious that you love what you are doing.  Even days later, our friends were still talking about that wonderful night and what fun they had. Thank you for creating an evening that we will always remember.

Lorraine wrote:

You're Billy Joel, Cat Stevens, James Taylor and all 4 Beatles rolled up into one talented man!


Recent Advertisement from one of Tucson’s Top Stage Concert Venue’s

“Classics of the 60’s – 80’s by one of Tucson’s most passionate and talented musicians.  His repertoire of songs is absolutely amazing!

Patron from El Saguarito:

I amazed how you can sound like The Beatles and then you can sound like Jim Croce.  You can sound like so many artists when you sing there song’s.  Amazing!

Dawn (Patron) from The Gallery Grille-Dove Mountain:

Thank you so much Corey for treating all of us to such a fabulous evening. I am the biggest "70s Music Fan" around and you perform each and every song as well as the original artists.  Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Joseph Mauer - Avid Local Tucson Live Music Admirer:

“One of the best entertainers in Tucson”


Venue Manager – Noble Hops:

I watched my patrons and it was amazing. They all were engaged with the music. A lot of them stayed longer to sit, listen, become involved in the songs and order more food and drinks. What a wonderful night.

Angela wrote:

Ah... last night at Jasper was wonderful... Even my 17 year-old enjoyed the music AND admitted it- and that's saying alot! Great food, too. Thanks for it all, Corey!!

Restaurant/Bar Establishment Owner:

You had my whole bar section, half of the restaurant singing out loud, and the other half was singing to themselves at their tables. Amazing.


Kip Wrote:

Voted for you on Tucson Weekly's Best Local Artist.... Good luck!

Kathy (patron) from an evening at Sullivan’s Steakhouse:

“Loved the way you sounded like Barry Gibb on the Bee Gees song near the end. The words were missed by me until you sang them. You seem to make the words more meaningful and come alive in many that you sing. It feels like the words are for me, as many think that.”

Jan said from an evening at The Café Tremolo:

I asked the owner of the Café, “How many times before has people gotten up from their tables to dance to the music before?”. He answered, “only one other time and it was when Corey was playing”

Elizabeth wrote in an email:

The joy you bring to others with your music and warmth is a rare and priceless gift. Part of the magic of watching you play is to see that magic reflected in the faces of your friends and audience. It's like seeing a special memory become real before your very eyes, really.

Bernice wrote:

"Corey Spector ROCKS! He takes us everywhere we use to BE. Not only does he take us there, he takes in the exact style that we remember. He has the voices of MANY. James Taylor, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, just to name a few.. He did a song from the 70's reminiscing about his Prom night date! My Senior Prom date Stephen & his lady Mary will come to visit me in Oct. First place I take them is to hear and let Corey take us all back to our 70's journey in life. Thanks Corey Spector for all that you do!

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