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My name is Corey Spector and I am a soloist musician who performs professionally throughout Tucson.

There is something unique that I do with my song selections that has kept me playing many places with great results. Patrons enjoy an interactive music experience while having dinner and drinks.  I distribute my song list throughout the venue so patrons can select songs they love. I offer over 375 song selections. Patrons frequently have a special connection with the songs, and many songs evoke magical memories. The evening is filled with songs of the heart, fun tunes, and magical memories.


I would love to help bring happiness, fun and joy to your establishment.



Corey Spector


Corey Spector takes the extra steps to promote himself and the venues where he performs.  He sends out personal email letters and Facebook event page notices to over 1,600 patrons each time he plays.

Click here to see a sample email letter.  Each email includes the times and dates he performs and even more importantly details about your specific venue...including the food and drinks you offer, and the type of ambience of your venue.


Whether they visit your venue when he plays or saves this info for a later visit; either way, this co-branding message is an effective way to increase sales.


Corey also delivers posters to the venue as an added promotional effort to help spread the word.


 Marketing Efforts to Promote your Venue.

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